About Astroff Consultants

We are a boutique admissions mentoring company.

Astroff is not just an admissions consulting firm; we are a comprehensive mentoring company. Our mandate is to facilitate the cultivation of skills necessary to be outstanding professionals.

Astroff offers strategic advice at each stage of the university application process. We are committed to helping students identify and gain admission to their preferred schools. Our services are designed to maximize an applicant’s probability of acceptance to undergraduate, graduate and professional schools in Canada, the United States and overseas. Here are some of the programs where we have mentored candidates.

Astroff provides longitudinal, personalized mentorship and strategic advice to clients to guide them along the Astroff Path to success.


We endeavour to assist our clients in gaining admission to post-secondary institutions and to help clients achieve their academic and professional goals by providing strategic advice on the university application process and to help our clients succeed once they enter their studies.

Our mentoring philosophy.

Astroff is committed to more than developing successful applications. Our goal is to develop successful individuals. 

Guide you through the process.

We mentor and guide our clients through every step of the process, from planning, to application review, to interview preparation, and beyond graduation. 

One-on-one mentoring.

We work one-on-one with our clients to achieve academic goals by providing detailed recommendations at each stage of the admissions process to help you gain professional success.

Focused on achieving goals.

We are committed to helping our clients achieve their goals. We use a collaborative model where Dr. Robert Astroff and our world-class coaches work together to guide you.

Support today and tomorrow.

We provide guidance and strategic advice to our clients long before – and long after – admission.   It is this longitudinal approach that differentiates Astroff Consultants.


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Robert Astroff

Robert Astroff, B.A., LL.B., M.A., Ph.D.

Dr. Robert Astroff is the company's president and nationally recognized expert on university admissions.  Dr. Astroff has graduated from four prestigious universities across Canada, having pursued academic studies at the highest level, attaining four university degrees including a law degree and Ph.D.  He has worked at the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade and the United Nations, to name a few.  He has published numerous articles in peer reviewed journals, lectured at prominent universities, and published several books on the admissions process.  Robert is personally involved in each client's progression through our program, so that each student can benefit directly from his expertise.  He has worked with thousands of students over the years advising them on how to best to build their profile to prepare the strongest application possible and lay a foundation for academic and professional success.  Read bio

Dorete Astroff

Dorete Astroff, BComm (Hons), MAcc, CPA, CA

Dorete Astroff received a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) and a Masters of Accountancy from the University of Manitoba. She subsequently earned the designation of Chartered Accountant and is currently a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario.

Before joining the company, Dorete accumulated 15 years of experience working in public accounting. She lectured extensively in the area of taxation and provided training to Chartered Accountants on legislative changes. She is the author of numerous articles and was featured on radio programs involving tax planning for individuals and corporations. 

Dorete is actively involved in all aspects of strategic development and client relations, monitoring the progress of each client along the Astroff Path. 


We select the best and brightest individuals who have demonstrated outstanding achievements to coach for Astroff.  These include: doctors, current medical, dental, and law students, Ph.D.s, and outstanding professionals who excel at mentoring candidates. As impressive as an individual might be in terms of their accomplishments, they also must possess strong interpersonal and communication skills, and the ability to serve as a teacher and mentor.  Only then can they convey difficult concepts on how to improve critical thinking and communication skills to our clients.  Once selected by Dr. Robert Astroff, he personally mentors each coach to ensure consistent messaging and methodologies are used throughout the process.

Chosen by Dr. Astroff.

Our process for selecting coaches is extremely rigorous. We receive hundreds of applications each year to coach for Astroff.  Our coaches are personally selected by Dr. Robert Astroff based on their accomplishments and mentoring skills.  

World-class Coaches.

Coach profiles include: Rhodes Scholar, Loran Scholar, academic gold medal winners, world championship debaters, and national level athletes at major universities.  Each coach is hand-picked for the unique skill set that he/she brings to Astroff.

From Application to Admission.

At the time of their own applications, many of our coaches received multiple acceptance letters from elite professional school programs, providing further evidence of their strong profiles.  

Part of the Astroff Family.

Many of our coaches are former Astroff clients themselves and can personally attest to the effectiveness of our programs.  Coaches enjoy the ability to mentor others as they were mentored themselves. 

Let's begin. Together.

Thank you once again for helping me get to where I am today and I wish you all the best.

Acceptances: Dental School for University of Toronto, New York University, Nova Southeastern University