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Application Review

From application to admission.

When you submit your written application to the admissions committee, you are engaging in a written dialogue about your suitability as a candidate for that program. The submitted document, therefore, needs to effectively convince an admissions committee to select you. Our goal is to work with you to ensure your application highlights your profile and clearly communicates why you should be accepted.

Six Options to Choose From

When you use Astroff, you have access to our team as a collaborative effort to analyze and make recommendations on your documents.  

Brainstorming Session

We work with you to brainstorm topics that showcase your strengths and discuss strategies for conveying your achievements.  This session is helpful if you do not yet have a working draft of your application document(s).  Come to the session with a summary of your profile and we'll get started. 

COST: $350 (1 hour session)

Review of Personal Statement/Letter, Application Essays

Essays that are supplemental to your application provide you with an opportunity to make a compelling argument as to why you should be selected.  We make recommendations on how you can improve your draft documents.

Starting at $250

Review of ABS / CV / List of Activities

The autobiographical sketch (ABS), also referred to as
Curriculum Vitae (CV), or List of Activities, is a critical component of the application.  It is your opportunity to highlight your achievements. Learn how we can help.

Starting at $150

Résumé / CV / Cover Letter Review

The application is an important opportunity to distinguish yourself from the competition and make a positive impression.  Let us help you to stand out from the crowd.

Starting at $150

Review of Statement of Intent

We make recommendations on how you can improve your statement of intent to increase your chances of admission.  Learn how we can help.

Starting at $150

Advice on Letters of Reference

We help you through the process of who to ask, when to ask, and how to ask, such that your application is enhanced by the letters of reference that accompany it.

Quote will be provided.

I appreciated the personal attention provided by Dr. Astroff and it was evident that he had put time into the detailed comments.

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