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Information for Parents

We involve parents in the process.

At Astroff, we are committed to the academic and professional success of our clients. We have a strong understanding of the admission process, as well as the varying criteria of different schools and programs within Canada and abroad; we utilize this knowledge to give our clients a competitive edge.

We recognize the importance of parents in this process and welcome parents to be involved at every step of the Astroff Path. Dr. Robert Astroff is always accessible via phone and email to parents and encourages parents to be partners in their children’s academic and professional development.

Let's begin. Together.

My son was accepted in various medical schools today. Wow---He is thrilled and ready to start. I would like to thank you for all the help and guidance you offered my son over the last few years. I am sure your help paid off for him. Once again--thank you.

PS: Anyone that speaks to me about going into a profession - I do provide them with your name for coaching so keep doing what you are doing.
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