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Interview Preparation

Your Competitive Advantage on Interview Day.

The Interview.

A daunting experience where you prove your worthiness as a candidate in a short dialogue. There is no room for error and the stakes are high. Now you need to prepare - but what is the best way to do so in order to shine on interview day?

We believe that the interview preparation process is unique to the individual - each person has specific strengths and weaknesses that require differing amounts of time and focus to refine. The Astroff Interview Preparation Program is a compilation of our experience assisting thousands of students for over a decade.  

Astroff's Interview Preparation Program

We offer online courses and one-on-one coaching sessions to train you for your upcoming interview.

Online Courses

Developing an appropriate framework to answering difficult questions makes producing quality responses to challenging interview questions more manageable.   Our online courses provide this first step in your interview preparation.  Learn more

Strategy Sessions

Our Strategy Sessions allow you to begin developing your personal strategies through targeted drills. We build confidence by providing detailed comments on the clarity and structure of your responses to get you ready for mock interviews.  Learn more

Mock Interviews

This is not about practicing a mock interview.  This is about your Interview Preparation Program with Astroff.  We are mentors, and our goal is to provide you with coaching aimed at refining your communication and critical thinking skills.  Learn more


Buy in bundles to get discounts on our courses and coaching sessions.  We understand that there is a linear progression in preparing for an upcoming interview, and our resources and services are designed to follow this progression closely.  Learn more


Unlock your potential with the Astroff interview portfolio of products and services. We offer self-paced, videoconference, and in-person learning opportunities.

Multiple Mini Interview (MMI)


Modified Personal Interview

Hybrid MMI/Traditional

CDA Structured Interview

Behavioural Interview (STAR)

Online Video Essays

Other Interview Formats

Don't know the interview format?

I got into both schools! I have accepted UBC and start this fall. Thank you once again for your help, I found your feedback and advice very helpful come interview day.

Acceptances: Queen's University and University of British Columbia
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