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Interview Strategy Sessions

Get Ready to Tackle the Tough Questions

Our Strategy Session is your opportunity to work one-on-one with your coach to ensure you understand how to implement the strategies taught in our course before attempting a mock interview.

For First-Time Interview Candidates: This is your chance to uncover the fundamentals of the interview process and brainstorm strategies for tackling difficult questions.

For Repeat Interview Candidates: This session focuses on identifying potential weaknesses in your approach and work with you to develop specific strategies to fine tune your preparation.

Your choice of Strategy Session format:

  • Multiple Mini Interview (MMI)

  • Panel Interview / Traditional Interview

  • Hybrid MMI/Traditional

  • Modified Personal Interview (MPI)

  • CDA Structured Interview

  • Behavioral Interview

  • Other Interview Formats

Complete before Mock Interview Level 1.

This session is most effective if completed prior to Mock Interview Level 1.  We recommend scheduling this session early in the preparation process to allow for appropriate time to integrate our feedback and optimize your mock interview experience.

Interview Strategy Session

After watching the interview course of your choice  (purchased separately), Astroff will brainstorm these strategies with you during a one-on-one, 45-minute session. 

We provide you with prompts, listen to your "oral outline" as you sketch out how you would approach the question, and provide you with immediate feedback on your thought process for efficient and effective improvement of your technique.

This session creates an effective platform for ensuring you understand how to implement the strategies before attempting a mock interview.  

Starting at $200 per session*

*additional $50+ for residency and customizations

Benefits of the Strategy Session:

  • Targeted drills to prepare you for our Mock Interviews

  • Specialized guidance to the prompts /questions

  • Immediate feedback on your thought process and answers

  • Elaborate on the strategies described in our Interview Courses and answer any questions you have after watching the course

  • Understand how to implement strategies before attempting a mock interview

  • Answer your specific questions about the interview process

  • Valuable advice from world-class coaches


Location:  We offer one-on-one coaching sessions, available in-person or by videoconference:

  • In person: We will meet with you at our Toronto office (limited availability).
  • By videoconference: We work with clients from across Canada, the U.S. and overseas, providing coaching sessions remotely. We find these coaching sessions work just as well as in-person sessions.

Languages offered:  Our sessions are offered in English and French.  Appointments in French are conducted by videoconference (limited availability).

Purchase Options

Our Strategy Session can be purchased as an individual appointment, or as part of our Mock Interview Packages (with a bundled discount).


Interview Courses

Self-paced online video.
$25 for 4 month access

Mock Interviews

One-on-one coaching sessions.
Starting at $275 per session

Mock Interview Packages

Offering bundled discounts.
Starting at $775

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