Terms and Conditions

Thank you for engaging Astroff Consultants Inc. We pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality educational consulting services to our clients.

You have engaged Astroff Consultants Inc. to provide the service(s) as outlined in your quote/invoice.  The full range of services we offer can be found by clicking here.

Objectives and Responsibilities

You have the ultimate responsibility for all matters related to achieving your academic and professional objectives. Although we provide recommendations, the final decision will always be yours. To best assist you, it is important that you provide us with full and complete disclosure of all relevant information, and keep us apprised of any changes on an ongoing basis. Please note that we do not verify or in any way ensure the accuracy and completeness of the information which you supply. However, we may ask you to clarify certain material.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you meet all deadlines and criteria set by each institution. Please be aware that universities may require you to substantiate information which you report with respect to your application. You should retain supporting records for these purposes.

Securing university admission

Our objective is to work with you to secure admission to the university program(s) as determined by you during our initial consultation. Evaluation of application files and admission decisions are made solely by the universities. While we will endeavor to assist you to gain admission, we bear no responsibility for the final decision that each university makes.

The universities will communicate their admission decisions directly to you. If you have been offered admission, it is your responsibility for accepting or refusing admission by the deadlines set by each institution.

Information privacy

We respect the privacy of the information which you provide to us. Any personal information which we collect from you to provide the educational consulting services you request will only be used, disclosed and retained in the strictest confidence in compliance with our privacy policy.

Our fees

Our fees for the services for which you have retained us has been provided in a quote/invoice. Any additional services requested / reviews of additional drafts will be charged based on the actual time incurred at our current charge-out rate per hour unless otherwise stated. If the scope of the project changes and further work is required, we will consult with you before proceeding.

We accept payment by Visa , MasterCard and PayPal. All prices are quoted in Canadian dollars.

Courses, Simulations and Coaching Sessions

Courses: Courses can be watched as often as you like over the subscription period of four months. Any course that you have not used within this time period is not available for refund.

Simulated CASPer Tests: Please note that each simulation can only be completed once. Please note that the availability of the Simulated CASPer Tests and Prep Courses will expire in 4 months. Any simulation that you have not used within this time period is not available for refund.

Coaching sessions: If you have purchased a coaching session (e.g. Academic Planning, Brainstorming, Feedback Session, Strategy Session, Mock Interview) and we cannot accommodate your request for an appointment within one month of purchase, we will provide you with a refund relating to the unused portion.  You have two years to use your paid coaching sessions.

Scheduled appointments

Please ensure that you arrive for your appointment at least 15 minutes prior to your stated appointment time.  If you are late for your appointment, we will do our best to accommodate you; however, please understand that we do our best to follow a strict schedule and cannot guarantee that you will be able to make up any missed time.

If your scheduled appointment is to be conducted via videoconference, please ensure that you have secured a location for that appointment that has a quiet atmosphere with a strong, secure and stable internet connection. Please also ensure that you have a phone available on hand.

Cancellation policy for appointments

We are happy to reschedule your appointment if you provide the request in writing (by email to info@astroffconsultants.com) at least 72 hours before your scheduled appointment.

Requests for appointment rescheduling within 72 hours of your scheduled appointment time is subject to a $100 cancellation fee (and may be rescheduled subject to Astroff availability).

There are no refunds on missed appointments. Missed appointments are charged at the full price relating to that appointment.

Review of documents / Scoring of responses

Please note that once a document or simulation has been submitted for review, please understand that we cannot provide a refund related to work we have already performed.  A document or simulation submitted for review is considered "locked" and we will not be able to accept modifications on this document or change requests until our review is complete. 

If you have any questions about these or other matters relating to any of our professional services, we would be pleased to discuss them further with you.

We appreciate the opportunity of being of service to you.

Robert Astroff