Simulated CASPer Tests

We offer 4 CASPer online simulations (Levels 1-4) to get you into the CASPer mindset.  Start at Level 1 to familiarize yourself with the exam structure, and progress through our program to increase the level of difficulty. Each test sharpens your skills using 12 modules featuring a combination of word-based scenarios and HD video prompts.

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Prep Courses for CASPer

We offer 2 preparatory courses for CASPer (Level 1 and Level 2).  Learn strategies for answering difficult CASPer questions, debrief Astroff case studies and discuss frequently asked questions.

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"Scoring and Coaching" Feedback Sessions

For those students who have completed at least one Simulated CASPer Test, we offer one-on-one coaching sessions with scoring. We discuss your test results in-depth to refine your skills for answering CASPer questions effectively. Receive personalized oral feedback and scoring to chart your progress and identify areas of strength and weakness.

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Preparation Program Packages

Purchase our Packages to receive discounts on our Simulated CASPer Tests, Prep Courses and Scoring/Coaching Sessions.

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Why Use Astroff?

HIRE THE BEST: Astroff is the leading expert in CASPer preparation. We are based in Ontario, where CASPer was formally introduced by McMaster University in 2010, and have been preparing candidates for CASPer since its inception. We have had an overwhelming success rate in producing well-prepared candidates who receive invitations to interview with the aid of our detailed coaching techniques.

We work with a team of doctors, residents and medical school students to produce the best training possible for our clients. Dr. Robert Astroff, the company's president, and nationally recognized expert on the medical school admissions process, recruits the best and brightest medical school students each year from across the country and personally trains each of them to aid in producing the best CASPer products and services for our clients with unparalleled results.  Learn more

Why Prepare in Advance for CASPer?

For example, an applicant’s CASPer result is worth 32% of the score used to determine interview eligibility for McMaster University, which represents the same weighting as candidates’ grades and MCAT scores.

With so much emphasis placed on CASPer, preparation is essential to secure an interview invitation. More than any other technique, practice simulations offer the best means of preparing for the test and giving you a competitive advantage. Simulations provide a better sense of what to expect, thereby reducing anxiety and allowing you to be better placed to perform at your best on your actual CASPer exam.

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Location of Services

Location for Simulated CASPer Tests: Our carefully designed online CASPer simulations can be accessed anywhere in the world, from the comfort of your home, work or school. All of our simulations are available 24 hours a day, so you can take the tests when it suits your schedule.

Location for Prep Courses: Our CASPer Courses are currently available as online videos.  Watch our courses from your location at a time that is convenient for you. Our online courses can be accessed anywhere in the world, from the comfort of your home, work or school. Our courses are available 24 hours a day, so you can watch the videos when it suits your schedule.

Location for Coaching Sessions: We offer one-on-one coaching sessions, available in-person or over the phone:

  • In person: We will meet with you at our Toronto office (located at the intersection of Yonge and St. Clair).
  • Over the phone: We work with clients from across Canada, the U.S. and overseas, providing coaching sessions over the phone. We find these coaching sessions work just as well as in-person sessions.


Purchase our Packages to receive discounts on our Simulated CASPer Tests, Prep Courses and Coaching Sessions.

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