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CASPer®: Online Admissions Test

Certain medical schools, dental schools, and healthcare programs (such as nursing and physical therapy) require that applicants write an online test called CASPer®, a 90 minute web-based test, as part of the admissions process. Examples of schools that have used CASPer® as an admissions tool include: McMaster University (McMaster), University of Ottawa (uOttawa), Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School (Rutgers RWJ), and New York Medical College (NYMC).  Which school are you writing CASPer® for?

Below you can watch our sample CASPer® Video, practice questions relating to the video, and learn about our Astroff Training for CASPer®.

Astroff is the leader in CASPer® preparation. Our innovative Preparation Program provides the most comprehensive training for CASPer®. We offer a step-by-step process to ensure that you are ready for your test day. We are with you each step of the way, available by phone or in-person to guide you.

Our Preparation Program was designed by Dr. Robert Astroff, along with a team of medical school students and doctors, to assist you with your upcoming CASPer® test and maximize your performance.


Simulated CASPer® Tests

Prep Courses for CASPer®

Scoring and Coaching

Astroff CASPer® Sample Video

Let's Start with a Sample CASPer® Video. Watch the video below and then answer the 3 questions. (You have 5 minutes to answer the questions once the video ends.) This is a role-play – you are Britney.


1. Describe the major differences between schoolyard bullying and cyberbullying.

2. How would you respond to this act of cyberbullying?

3. What are a few strategies to detect, monitor, and confront acts of cyberbullying?

Which Schools Use CASPer®?

Why Prepare in Advance for CASPer®?

For example, an applicant’s CASPer® result is worth 32% of the score used to determine interview eligibility for McMaster University, which represents the same weighting as candidates’ grades and MCAT scores.

With so much emphasis placed on CASPer®, preparation is essential to secure an interview invitation. More than any other technique, practice simulations offer the best means of preparing for the test and giving you a competitive advantage. Simulations provide a better sense of what to expect, which reduces anxiety and allows you to be better placed to perform at your best.

Learn about our CASPer® Preparation Program.

The CASPer® test is delivered by Altus Assessments Inc. at takecasper.com.  CASPer® is a registered trademark of Altus. Astroff Consultants Inc. is an independent provider of test preparation services. Altus and Astroff are not endorsed by or affiliated with one another.

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