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Astroff CASPer Sample Video

Let's Start with a Sample CASPer Video.  Below is Astroff’s CASPer Sample Video. Watch the video and then answer the 3 questions below it. (You have 5 minutes to answer the questions once the video ends.)

This is a role-play – you are the doctor.


1. Do you tell Chelsea’s husband?

2. If her husband is also a patient of yours, does this change your answer?

3. Though all necessary precautions are taken, some physicians are reluctant to treat patients with HIV/AIDS for fear of personal infection. Should physicians be allowed to refuse service on the basis of disease? Explain.

Astroff Prep for CASPer Program

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Why Prepare in Advance for CASPer?

For example, an applicant’s CASPer result is worth 32% of the score used to determine interview eligibility for McMaster University, which represents the same weighting as candidates’ grades and MCAT scores.

With so much emphasis placed on CASper, preparation is essential to secure an interview invitation. More than any other technique, practice simulations offer the best means of preparing for the test and giving you a competitive advantage. Simulations provide a better sense of what to expect, which reduces anxiety and allows you to be better placed to perform at your best.

Why Use Astroff?

  1. Access to Dr. Robert Astroff, nationally recognized expert on the medical school admissions process.
  2. Personalized one-on-one feedback and scoring using both qualitative and quantitative measures to chart your progress and identify areas of strength and weakness.
  3. Multiple simulations and coaching available to compare and track your progress as you prepare for your test.

More About Astroff's Prep for CASPer Program

The CASPer® test is delivered by Altus Assessments Inc. at  CASPer® is a registered trademark of Altus. Astroff Consultants Inc. is an independent provider of test preparation services. Altus and Astroff are not endorsed by or affiliated with one another.


Our Preparation Program is designed to prepare you for test day.

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