CASPer®: Online Admissions Test

Certain medical schools, dental schools, and healthcare programs (such as nursing and physical therapy) require that applicants write an online test called CASPer, a 90 minute web-based test, as part of the admissions process. Examples of schools that have used CASPer as an admissions tool include: McMaster University (McMaster), University of Ottawa (uOttawa), Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School (Rutgers RWJ), and New York Medical College (NYMC).  Which school are you writing CASPer for?

Below you can watch our sample CASPer Video, practice questions relating to the video, and learn about our Astroff Training for CASPer.

Astroff is the leader in CASPer preparation. Our innovative Preparation Program provides the most comprehensive training for CASPer. We offer a step-by-step process to ensure that you are ready for your test day. We are with you each step of the way, available by phone or in-person to guide you.

Our Preparation Program was designed by Dr. Robert Astroff, along with a team of medical school students and doctors, to assist you with your upcoming CASPer test and maximize your performance.


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Astroff CASPer Sample Video

Let's Start with a Sample CASPer Video. Watch the video below and then answer the 3 questions. (You have 5 minutes to answer the questions once the video ends.) This is a role-play – you are Britney.


1. Describe the major differences between schoolyard bullying and cyberbullying.

2. How would you respond to this act of cyberbullying?

3. What are a few strategies to detect, monitor, and confront acts of cyberbullying?

Which Schools Use CASPer?

Why Prepare in Advance for CASPer?

For example, an applicant’s CASPer result is worth 32% of the score used to determine interview eligibility for McMaster University, which represents the same weighting as candidates’ grades and MCAT scores.

With so much emphasis placed on CASPer, preparation is essential to secure an interview invitation. More than any other technique, practice simulations offer the best means of preparing for the test and giving you a competitive advantage. Simulations provide a better sense of what to expect, which reduces anxiety and allows you to be better placed to perform at your best.

Learn about our CASPer Preparation Program.

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