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The Path to a Career in Law

We help applicants become lawyers.

The law school application process is extremely rigorous.  Whether you planning to apply in a future year, currently in the law school application cycle, or seeking a summer, articling or professional position, we are uniquely qualified to help you navigate the complicated application process.  We can help you by reviewing application essays and autobiographical sketches, as well as preparing you for challenging On-Campus (OCI) or in-firm interviews.

Our personalized training programs are designed to complement your unique skills. Working with Astroff changes the way you see your potential. Our experience with the application process will give you the tools to vastly widen your academic prospects and achieve your goals.

To provide you with the most targeted information possible, please select where you are in the law school application process:

Considering Law

Law School Applicant

Securing Employment

I received a call from the University of Toronto in early December that they have accepted me. I have also received acceptances from NYU, University of Ottawa, York University, Duke and Georgetown. Thanks again for all your help this past fall.

Acceptances: Law School: University of Toronto, New York University, University of Ottawa, Osgoode Hall, Duke University, Georgetown University
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