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Academic Planning

Planning Prior to the Application Process

Planning for admission into competitive programs is essential to maximize chances of successful admission. You must continuously be focused on building a competitive profile to maximize your chance of admission when you are ready to apply for the next step towards your ultimate career goal.

Astroff offers academic planning coaching sessions devoted to profile-enhancing recommendations. We provide a step-by-step approach, providing you with the best chance of admission.

Start Early

Our objective is to empower you to become the strongest applicant you can be in light of the stiff competition.  The earlier you start planning for your future, the more that can be accomplished.

Knowledge is Power

The more you understand about the application process, the more empowered you are to build a competitive profile and progressively enhance it.  

Channel Your Strengths

We provide coaching sessions to provide profile-enhancing recommendations.  Our suggestions are tailored to your stage in the academic timeline.

Hit the Ground Running

We will help you build a competitive profile and continuously strengthen it to maximize your chance of admission when you apply.

We coach students for future success.

An academic plan starts with an understanding of your ultimate career goals. We perform a detailed review of your past experiences and achievements and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses in your profile. Then, we work with you to develop an academic plan that encompasses not only short-term scholastic objectives but also matches your long-term academic and career objectives.

This plan takes into consideration a strategy to ensure that academic performance is maximized, extracurricular activities are selected with an appropriate focus and rationale, and standardized or application tests (if applicable) are timed suitably in relation to other commitments.

Our academic planning services allow you to choose your topic(s) of choice so you can prepare according to your needs. Topics you can discuss during your session include:

University / Program Competitiveness

Extracurricular, Work and Volunteer Activities

Timing of Standardized Test / CASPer® Writing

CV and Transferable Skill Development

University / Program Fit

Ultimate Career Goals

Students must take steps at an early stage to ensure a strong application when they are ready to apply.  We recommend taking a proactive approach prior to the application cycle to develop and continuously enhance your profile. The more time you have, the more that can be done.  We are ready to coach you on the steps we recommend to take to improve candidacy.

Schedule your academic planning session.

Academic Planning

Book an academic planning coaching session to assess your current activities and accomplishments.  Learn what steps you can take to build a competitive profile.  We gear your academic planning session to cover the specific topics that you wish to discuss from the above list.

COST: $350 (1 hour session)

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