Simulated CASPer® Tests

Practice makes perfect!

Practice with our Astroff CASPer Simulations to get you into the CASPer mindset. We offer 4 online Simulated CASPer Tests (LEVELS 1-4). Start at Level 1 to familiarize yourself with the exam structure, and progress through our program to increase the level of difficulty. Each test sharpens your skills using 12 modules featuring a combination of word-based scenarios and high-definition videos (using professional actors).

Our scenarios are designed by Astroff specifically for CASPer training purposes. Write our Simulated CASPer Tests from your location at a time that is convenient for you. Our carefully designed online CASPer simulations can be accessed anywhere in the world, from the comfort of your home, work or school. All of our simulations are available 24 hours a day, so you can take the tests when it suits your schedule.

Four Simulated CASPer Tests to Practice

Each test module contains 12 modules and takes approximately 90 minutes to complete.

Simulated CASPer Test: Level 1

Familiarize yourself with the CASPer format and structure. This is the first step on the process.

COST: $25

12 Modules: 10 word-based prompts and 2 HD video scenarios

Simulated CASPer Test: Level 2

Refine your strategies and time management techniques to become more comfortable with CASPer.

COST: $30

12 Modules: 8 word-based prompts and 4 HD video scenarios.

Simulated CASPer Test: Level 3

Focus on refining your skills and responses to provide better quality answers to difficult questions.

COST: $35

12 Modules: 6 HD video scenarios and 6 word-based prompts.

Simulated CASPer Test: Level 4

Ensure you're fully prepared by focusing on endurance, time management and succinct answers.

COST: $40

12 Modules: 8 HD video scenarios and 4 word-based prompts.

What's the difference between Levels 1 to 4?

We have 4 different simulation levels.  Each level differs in the level of difficulty and number of video versus word-based prompts. 

Since video prompts contain more variables (such as audio/script, background, tone of voice, visual cues, etc.), we like to begin with a larger percentage of word-based prompts and have you work your way up to video prompts. 

Here are the benefits of our simulations:

  • Practice under realistic testing conditions

  • Learn to overcome common problems

  • Craft effective responses within the specified time limits

  • Review your typed responses to self-evaluate your performance

  • Prepare adequately with every level of intensity

Our Simulated CASPer Tests are designed and based on publicly available information about the actual CASPer exam, as well as our years of experience preparing candidates for CASPer. Astroff is not affiliated with any university using CASPer or with the CASPer test administrators. There will be differences between our simulations and the actual CASPer exam. For example, we use different combinations of video prompts and word-based scenarios on some simulation levels for a more effective training program.


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