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Simulated CASPer® Tests

Practice makes perfect!

Practice with our Astroff CASPer® Simulations to get you into the CASPer® mindset. We offer 4 online Simulated CASPer® Tests (LEVELS 1-4). Start at Level 1 to familiarize yourself with the exam structure, and progress through our program to increase the level of difficulty. Each test sharpens your skills using 12 modules featuring a combination of word-based scenarios and high-definition videos (using professional actors).

Our scenarios are designed by Astroff specifically for CASPer® training purposes. Write our Simulated CASPer® Tests from your location at a time that is convenient for you. Our carefully designed online CASPer® simulations can be accessed anywhere in the world, from the comfort of your home, work or school. All of our simulations are available 24 hours a day, so you can take the tests when it suits your schedule.

Four Simulated CASPer® Tests to Practice

Each test module contains 12 modules and takes approximately 90 minutes to complete.

Simulated CASPer® Test: Level 1

Familiarize yourself with the CASPer® format and structure. This is the first step on the process.

COST: $25

12 Modules: 10 word-based prompts and 2 HD video scenarios

Simulated CASPer® Test: Level 2

Refine your strategies and time management techniques to become more comfortable with CASPer®.

COST: $30

12 Modules: 8 word-based prompts and 4 HD video scenarios.

Simulated CASPer® Test: Level 3

Focus on refining your skills and responses to provide better quality answers to difficult questions.

COST: $35

12 Modules: 6 HD video scenarios and 6 word-based prompts.

Simulated CASPer® Test: Level 4

Ensure you're fully prepared by focusing on endurance, time management and succinct answers.

COST: $40

12 Modules: 8 HD video scenarios and 4 word-based prompts.

What's the difference between Levels 1 to 4?

We have 4 different simulation levels.  Each level differs in the level of difficulty and number of video versus word-based prompts. 

Since video prompts contain more variables (such as audio/script, background, tone of voice, visual cues, etc.), we like to begin with a larger percentage of word-based prompts and have you work your way up to video prompts. 

Here are the benefits of our simulations:

  • Practice under realistic testing conditions

  • Learn to overcome common problems

  • Craft effective responses within the specified time limits

  • Review your typed responses to self-evaluate your performance

  • Prepare adequately with every level of intensity

Our Simulated CASPer® Tests are designed and based on publicly available information about the actual CASPer® exam, as well as our years of experience preparing candidates for CASPer®. Astroff is not affiliated with any university using CASPer® or with the CASPer® test administrators. There will be differences between our simulations and the actual CASPer® exam. For example, we use different combinations of video prompts and word-based scenarios on some simulation levels for a more effective training program.


Prep Courses for CASPer®

$25 per course

Scoring and Coaching

$150 per session

CASPer® Prep Packages

Starting at $150 

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