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Interview Preparation Registration Form

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For hyprid formats (MMI/Traditional interviews): select MMI, and make a note of this request in the comments section below. We will recode this internally. For U of T's MPI interview format: select Panel/Traditional/MPI. Preparing for more than one interview? Each mock interview can be a different format, and we will recode your request internally after you register.  Please provide us with notes in the comments section about what you are looking for so we can best assist you.
Undergraduate Program
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If you selected a Strategy Session or Mock Interview appointment: Please indicate how you wish to have appointment(s) conducted.  Please choose only one option for each of first choice, second choice or third choice (if applicable).  

You are welcome to complete the registration form without making payment to learn of the appointments available, which we are issuing on a first-come, first-served basis, and to access our wait-list.

Please enter the details. Note that your shopping cart may not be updated immediately, so please do not make payment on the next screen. We will send you an email with the updated amount.
Parent / Guardian Information
Please provide the contact information for your parent/guardian so we can obtain his/her consent to register with us.

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