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Brainstorming Session

Plan what you want to say before you start to write.

Let's work together to help you plan out what you want to say and how you want to say it before you begin the writing process.  This session is helpful if you do not yet have a working draft of your application document(s).  

During the session, we will talk about your background (such as inspirational stories about how you decided to pursue this career choice, stressful / difficult situations that you have encountered in your past, and interesting stories that you have to share).  Together, we brainstorm topics that would be meaningful for you to highlight/discuss in your written application.  We will provide guidance on how you can develop these experiences into compelling statements that we believe would make you stand out favourably by the admissions committee.

Brainstorming Session

This one-on-one coaching session helps you brainstorm topics that showcase your strengths and discuss strategies for writing your application document.   

COST: $350 (1 hour session)

The benefits of this coaching session:

  • One-on-one coaching session.

  • Discuss your background, awards and accomplishments.

  • Brainstorm topics to include in your draft documents.

  • Provide guidance on turning experiences into compelling statements.

  • Crystallize ideas before you begin writing in order to make the process more streamlined.

  • Address questions you may have about the application process.

We generally like to start prior to the session by reading a summary document that you provide to us (whether it be a resume, draft autobiographical sketch, etc.) so that we can get a sense of your past experiences and accomplishments to date.  Come to the session with a summary of your profile, along with any work you have already done towards the application document and let's brainstorm together which of your experiences and achievements  are best to showcase.  You then can come out of the session with direction on how to begin writing your document(s).

If you are working on several different types of application documents (such as application essays and an autobiographical sketch), or working on written documents for several universities/programs, we can discuss the strategies for writing during the session.  It is your opportunity to select the application documents you would like to discuss in your session.

We offer one-on-one coaching sessions, available in-person or remotely:

  • In person (limited availability): We meet with you at our Toronto office.
  • Over the phone or by videoconference: We continuously work with clients over the phone and videoconference to provide coaching sessions for clients located in Canada, the U.S. and overseas. We find these coaching sessions work just as well as in-person sessions.

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