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Review of Résumé / CV and Cover Letter

Stand out from the crowd.

Let us help you to stand out from the crowd.  We make detailed comments to help you refine your résumé and cover letter for securing employment or volunteer opportunities.

Review of Résumé / Cover Letter

You will receive a detailed set of written comments designed to improve the content and quality of your document.  Your document will go through two levels of review; first by an Astroff Coach, and then by Dr. Robert Astroff personally, before being sent back to you.

COST: Starts at $150 per draft document

The benefits of this review:

  • Two-level review process.

  • Review past experiences and achievements that you provided and make suggestions.

  • Suggest editorial changes to make your entries both effective and precise.

  • Provide guidance on turning experiences into compelling statements.

  • Advise on activities to include and exclude.

  • Make recommendations on formatting, editing and style to ensure clarity and consistency.

We start with a draft of your document that you send to us. We will provide you with a quote prior to starting any work on your document.  Once you have approved the quote, we review your draft and make recommendations for improvement. We will provide you with our written comments, as well as offer to schedule a phone call if you would like to discuss our suggestions in further detail (which can be beneficial to ensure that there are no misunderstandings about the suggestions that we make).  Learn More about our Document Review Process

At Astroff, it is a collaborative effort to analyze and make recommendations on your documents.  Your documents will go through two levels of review; first by an Astroff Coach, and then by Dr. Robert Astroff personally, before being sent back to you.

About Dr. Robert Astroff

Dr. Robert Astroff has graduated from four prestigious universities across Canada, having pursued academic studies at the highest level, attaining four university degrees including a law degree and PhD.  He has worked at the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, to name a few.  He has published numerous articles in peer reviewed journals, lectured at prominent universities, and published several books on the admissions process.  

About our Astroff Coaches

Only the best and brightest individuals become a part of Astroff Consultants.  Our coaches consist of individuals who are both exceptional communicators as well as excellent mentors, who are then trained personally by Dr. Astroff.

If you are working on several application documents at the same time (such as résumé and cover letter), we recommend that you start writing your résumé first.  The entries that you write for your résumé will help you in formulating your thoughts for accomplishments you wish to highlight in your cover letter.

We do not write documents for clients.  Instead, we  provide detailed recommendations for improvement based on the drafts that you provide to us, and assist you in producing the best documents that you can through our coaching and mentoring. We do more than develop applications.  We develop skills.  Our clients consistently tell us that our document review process actually improved their ability to write effectively, express their ideas clearly, and think critically. 

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Mock Job Interviews

Our mock job interviews provide strategies for answering the typical questions posed in employment interviews and offer tips for managing stress. We provide detailed comments on the clarity of your responses as well as non-verbal cues such as body language.

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