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Residency Candidates

Helping you secure residency.

Although you have successfully gained acceptance to dental school, the application process for residency is different and should be approached with this mind. Matching to the right program and location takes careful planning in order to secure your top choice in this highly competitive process. We assist residency candidates with review of Biographical Statements and Mock Interviews for residency positions.

Review of Biographical Statements (Application)

The biographical statement is an important step in introducing yourself to residency programs. Selection committees commonly point to this document as a key factor that distinguishes among similarly qualified candidates and sets the stage for possible interview questions.

Mock Interviews for Residency Positions

The series of interviews that you will have during the residency selection process can often be more stressful than the interviews you faced for dental school admission. For many specialties and locations, the competition is fierce. You must be well-prepared to convince a selection committee that you are the ideal candidate.

Review of Biographical Statements

We make recommendations on how you can improve your biographical statement to increase the chances of securing your desired residency position. First, we review your past experiences and achievements and provide suggestions on how you can make your application more effective. Then we comment on tone, style, vocabulary and grammar to ensure you produce the best application possible. Our goal is to ensure your application highlights your profile and clearly communicates why you should be accepted into your chosen program.

Mock Interviews for Residency Positions

Our mock interviews are designed to alleviate the anxiety typically associated with this important step in the application process. We discuss strategies for answering the unique questions typically posed in residency interviews and offer tips for managing stress. We build confidence by providing detailed comments on the clarity of your responses as well as non-verbal cues such as body language in order to produce a winning overall impression.

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