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Law School Applications

Everything you need, right here.

We review personal statements / application essays and autobiographical sketches for Canadian, U.S., and overseas programs.

Admissions committees are seeking diverse and capable candidates with strong written communication skills and moral character.  There are often two components by which they evaluate these traits: the autobiographical sketch and the personal statement. Together, these documents provide you with an opportunity to describe your experiences and accomplishments and make a compelling individualized argument for why you should be accepted to law school.



  • Autobiographical Sketch (ABS)
  • OLSAS Application Review
  • McGill Application Review
  • University of British Columbia Application Review
  • University of Victoria Application Review
  • University of Calgary Application Review
  • University of Alberta Application Review
  • University of Saskatchewan Application Review
  • University of Manitoba Application Review
  • Dalhousie Application Review
  • University of New Brunswick Application Review

United States and International

  • Applications to U.S. Law Schools
  • International Application Review
  • Résumé/ CV Review


Please contact us to provide a quote for specific programs

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