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Medical School Applications

Everything you need, right here.

We review personal statements / application essays and autobiographical sketches for Canadian, U.S. (AMCAS) and overseas programs.

Taken together, medical schools receive thousands of applications each year.  In addition to screening applicants on other measures (such as GPA, MCAT scores, and letters of reference as applicable), medical schools are also interested in assessing students' communication and critical thinking skills, as well as their ability to present material in a logical manner.

When a written application is required (such as the personal statement and/or autobiographical sketch), it is often the distinguishing factor for schools deciding which candidates to invite for interviews.  Since most students applying to medical school have strong grades, MCAT scores and letters of reference (as applicable), an eloquent, convincing and impressive application can tip the scales in your favour.

Whether you are applying within Canada, the U.S. (AMCAS) or overseas, we can help .



  • Autobiographical Sketch (ABS)
  • U of T Application Essays
  • OMSAS Application Review
  • McGill Application Review
  • Dalhousie Application Review
  • University of British Columbia Application Review
  • University of Calgary Application Review
  • University of Alberta Application Review
  • QuARMS

United States and International

  • AMCAS Primary Application Review
  • U.S. Supplementary Application Review
  • Direct Entry MD Programs
  • International Application Review


Please contact us to provide a quote for specific programs

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