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Considering Pharmacy

Are you considering a career in pharmacy?

You may have decided that pursuing a career in pharmacy is the path you would like to follow. As such, you may have considered where you would like to practice as a pharmacist when you graduate and whether you would be interested in attending pharmacy school in Canada, in the U.S., in Australia, in Europe, or elsewhere around the world. You may be just starting to look into pharmacy school admissions, be quite familiar with the process or unsure if pharmacy is the career for you.

Whichever stage you are at, you may have some reservations or questions that you would like addressed. The truth is that successful admission into pharmacy school is a challenging and comprehensive process. But, it is achievable with directed preparation.

We seek to help you develop a strategy, unique to you, which you can execute over a number of years to optimize your chances of admission. The comprehensive plan we develop together will accommodate your expectations and serve as a blueprint for how you will develop the skills and experiences that will ultimately present you as an excellent candidate for pharmacy school.

Questions you might have:

Pharmacy School Choices

  • What pharmacy schools offer the Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy Degree (BscPharm)?
  • What pharmacy schools offer the entry-level Doctor of Pharmacy Degree (PharmD)?
  • What are the implications of graduating with a BscPharm degree compared to a PharmD degree?
  • At which schools would I be a competitive applicant?
  • How do I take tangible steps to become a more competitive applicant?


  • How do schools weigh my GPA relative to other components of my application?
  • What strategies should I use in choosing my courses and allocating my time?

Extracurricular, Work and Volunteer Opportunities

  • What experiences should I focus on to help me stand out from my competition?
  • How can I show longitudinal development through my interests and activities?
  • How can I gain pharmacy work/volunteer experiences?


  • How do pharmacy schools evaluate my PCAT score in the admissions process?
  • When is the optimal time to write the PCAT?
  • What is more important – a high overall percentile score or a balanced percentile score across PCAT sections?

Letters of Reference

  • Who should I ask to be my referee?
  • How should I approach a potential referee?
  • How do I ensure that my letters of reference are received in a timely manner?

Written Application

  • What is a personal statement?
  • How should I approach framing my application entries in a persuasive and unique way?
  • Which awards, extracurricular activities, employment opportunities and experiences should I highlight?
  • How to emphasize and convey certain attributes I possess that make me an excellent candidate for pharmacy?


  • What is CASPer®?
  • How can I best prepare for it?
  • Which schools are using it?
  • How is the test written?


  • What are the different types of interviews that pharmacy schools use?
  • How do I prepare effectively?
  • How do I ensure that my interview performance will provide me with a competitive advantage over other applicants?
  • How do I manage challenging interview situations such that I present myself as an undeniably capable and polished individual?

Astroff provides coaching sessions to guide you.

Our role is to help guide you through the preparation and process of pharmacy admissions so that you are in the best possible position when you are ready to apply.

Academic Planning

We recommend taking a proactive approach prior to the application cycle to develop and continuously enhance your profile. We coach students (based on their achievements and experiences to date) on the steps we recommend to take to improve candidacy.

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