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Physician Assistant

Maximize your chances of admission.

Applicants to Physician Assistant programs must be well-rounded candidates possessing a broad range of transferrable skills.  Candidates generally must submit application essays, CVs/résumés, as well and go through rigorous interviews, such as the Multiple Mini Interview.  We can help you at every stage.

Working with Astroff changes the way you see your potential. Our experience with the application process will give you the tools to vastly widen your academic prospects.


We mentor and guide our clients through every step of the process, from planning, to application review, to interview preparation, and beyond graduation. We are there to provide support to our clients throughout their academic journey towards their chosen career path.


Personal Statement
Autobiographical Sketch
Resume/CV/Cover Letter


Simulated CASPer® Tests
Preparatory Courses
Scoring and Coaching


Multiple Mini Interview
Panel/Traditional Interview
Other Interview Formats

YES I was among the lucky few who got into the program. Very exciting and a great opportunity. The preparation you gave me was very helpful in terms of what to expect and to build up my self-confidence. Thanks so much.

Admission: Physician Assistant, University of Toronto
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