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Astroff Consultants Inc., Canada’s only comprehensive admissions consulting company, celebrated the company’s expansion over the Thanksgiving weekend with a pledge to continue helping students gain admission to university.

“Through my work as an admissions consultant, I have seen first-hand the new landscape that applicants to post-secondary institutions are facing,” said Dr. Robert Astroff, founder and President of Astroff Consultants. “In sum, it is one that is much more challenging and applicants need to be prepared.”

Dr. Astroff added that, “we are proud to offer our services to students from coast to coast. In addition, we are pleased to receive invitations to speak at universities and high schools across the country about admissions issues. Students and parents from Halifax to Vancouver now have the ability to attend our sessions and learn strategies to enhance their profiles.”

Astroff Consultants Inc. is the first of its kind in Canada – a comprehensive admissions consulting firm offering strategic advice at each stage of the university application process. Astroff Consultants serve students applying to a wide range of programs including undergraduate, graduate, medicine, law, business and dentistry. The company also assists its clients through the academic life cycle: from medical school applicant to residency placement, from law school applicant to articling student, and so on.

Dr. Astroff says that even students with impressive credentials are finding it increasingly difficult to secure admission to the schools of their choice. “Given that the application process is both complex and time-consuming, gaining admission to university requires careful planning and that’s where we come in,” Dr. Astroff explained.

Working one-on-one with clients to produce the best application possible has become the hallmark of Astroff Consultants Inc. “Increased demand for spots in post-secondary programs creates a more competitive climate and what we have done is endeavour to give students a competitive edge in the process,” said Dr. Astroff.

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