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The UBC MMI Med School Experience

I successfully interviewed at UBC medical school this past year and found it to be a surprisingly enjoyable experience. The single best thing I did to prepare was practice answering MMI-style questions. I did this through a combination of mock interviews with Astroff Consultants, preparation sessions through my university, and practicing the scenarios in Doing…

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McGill MMI Interview Experience

After receiving the great news about being invited to an MMI interview at McGill Medical School, I had to prepare for what was the most important interview of my life. To gain insight into McGill’s Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) process, the type of questions and how to structure my answers, I signed up for the…

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University of Torornto

I received my offer to interview at U of T med on quite short notice, just over two weeks before my interview date. It was the first year that U of T had begun using the Modified Personal Interview (MPI) format for medical school admissions. As applicants, we were told to expect a series of…

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